"It has been months, I've not made a penny yet."

"I'm blogging and don't even have money to buy domain and hosting."

"Still waiting to make my first $500 online."

Sounds Familiar?

Blogging ought to be treated like a serious business. You can’t buy a $10 domain and sit back to watch it grow into an authority site without any investment. Most of the students I’ve trained started with $0 in hand. Making money online isn’t difficult if you know the right thing to do. I’m going to assume that you don’t have any technical skills that can fetch you money. The majority of the techniques I’m going to teach you here are going to be based on either reselling.

You have to keep in mind that whatever you earn isn’t to be spent for your personal expenditures. You have to reinvest the amount to keep multiplying it. This post will make your path towards making your first few dollars as clear as water.

Content Writing

I made my first few bucks writing content for a hosting company. Content Writing can be fun. A content writer not only makes money writing content but also comes to know about various obscure niches. One of my first successful niche sites was made after the client never took the delivery of the content I wrote for them. No wonder, I learned a lot too about on-page SEO with my content writing work and partially about keyword research.

Selling Expired Domains, Web 2.0 Domains

I made my first $1,500-2,000 selling Expired domains in Facebook groups. (Scraping Guide Coming Soon) Though this requires an initial investment of around $100, the fruit it bears is definitely worth it. In the course of scraping expired domains, I got some very powerful expired domains which I obviously, never sold but kept for my personal use. Today, those domains give my niche sites a tremendous boost. When it comes to the game of Expired Domains, Spam Checking is one of the most important skills to imbibe. This comes only through experience and constant exposure to spammy domains. 99% of the expired domains we find are spammed, so, if you don’t want to get in trouble later because of selling shit, I recommend you to learn about them from A to Z.

Selling Social Signals

You can sign up on sites like AddMeFast, KingdomLikes, and YouLikeHits to generate social signals for your clients. You can have a bot work and build points for you which you can use to gain your share of exchange of likes/follows and other social signals. You can sell your services on freelancing sites like Fiverr and SEOclerks.

Pro Tip: (I did this) You can go to sites like SEOclerks and look for the same services for $1 and resell them on Fiverr for $5.

Selling Links From Your PBNs and Other Sites

Got sites with good metrics? People are pouring their hard cash in the gold rush of buying high-quality links for their sites. People make $1,000-2,000 easily selling links. If you have sites with authority links, you can sell the links for even more sites. Just join relevant groups on Facebook and start with selling your links at rock bottom prices.

Reselling Services From Other Freelancing Sites

Got no skills to make you money? You can simply go to SEOclerks and search for all $1 services. Make a note of all of them. Create a Fiverr account and list the same services for $5-10 or even more. Create exact-same description and add-ons and keep an extra day for delivery than the original service you’re ordering.

Pro Tip: Again, there are guys selling links from authority sites for as low as $10-20 from freelance sites like SEOclerks again. You can grab the same and sell them for $50-500. People buy it, trust me. 3:)


I recommend you to make your $1,000 from the above-mentioned methods so that you can start strong with your niche sites. Trust me, it’s easier to reinvest and make even more money online than starting from scratch again. In the beginning, you spend time to get money. Later, you’ll be spending money to get time.

All the best! Get to Action!