"Look around; brainstorm as many products you see around and list them."

"See what your friends are doing and purchasing."

"Try looking for products on E-commerce sites."

Do these statements sound familiar? Have you been wondering how to find a niche market that’s profitable as well as low competition? If they do, you’re just like what I used to be. I didn’t find a good niche for myself with any of these, to be brutally honest. Brainstorming and finding low competition niches have been the most difficult part in my Blogging career when I was just starting out. Finding niches by brainstorming, and that too, low competition ones wasn’t my cup of tea. Today, I juggle with tons of niches and it becomes hard to decide which niche I should take up for my next project.

Now, without beating around the bush any further, let’s go hitting the streets!

The majority of my methods of finding niches are based not on brainstorming and other shit but proven reverse engineering methods that “actually get you profitable niches.”

Method #1: Niche Treasure Trove Method

This dead-easy way to find a niche in minutes is what I call the Niche Treasure Trove Method. Here, we’ll be Reverse Engineering multi-niche OR Top X sites.

Steps at a glance:

  1. Find Top X Websites
  2. Browse Through the pages of the site.
  3. Note Down The Niches.

The logic behind this method:

Sites that write on Best of all niches write on many niches. We are potentially looking for sites which write on many niches. For that, we’re going to look for domains containing keywords like “top”, “best”, “top10” and so on.

Step #1: Find Top X Websites

For this, you can search anything in Google. For instance, you can search, “best can opener”

Classic Examples of such sites (use these if you’re too lazy to find sites, like me 😛 )

Step #2: Browse Through The Pages Of The Site

Pick one site from the list you’ve created in Step#1 and Skim through the site pages.

Step #3: Note Down The Niches.

Note down the niches you might be interested in.

Taking this method to the next level…

Method #2: Niche Sprout Method

This is another great method I use to find very low competition niches in a matter of minutes. The latest niche I’m working on was found using this method.

Steps at a glance:

  1. Go to any websites’ marketplace(like Flippa)
  2. Look up young sites and are generating revenue.
  3. Note the list of sites.
  4. Look up each site and the products which they’re promoting.

The logic behind this method:

Young sites A.K.A. the ones that have come up recently in the blogosphere and generating revenue usually indicate that the niche is low competition and there’s room for new sites. This is a pure green signal for you as because someone else can do it, you can too!