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I am Prajjwal, a 18-year young, CSE student, tech enthusiast and blogger from India.

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  • Find a Profitable Niche within 10 minutes: using the Niche Trove and Niche Sprout Technique!
  • Become a Keyword Ninja: uncover profitable keywords, steal your competitors’ keywords and target 100s of keywords from one article!
  • Creating Content that “RANKS” & “CONVERTS”: create content that deserves #1-page rankings, gets explosive shares and converts like crazy!
  • Link Building in the PRO Way: turn your site into a link magnet and attract links which you won’t get otherwise.
  • Take things to the next level: extrapolating the most out of your supposedly “non-converting’ traffic.

Niche & Profitable Keyword Research

  • Find low competition niches
  • Identify niche potential and monetization methods.
  • Steal competitor’s keywords
  • Find low competition keywords
  • Much More!


  • Writing Click Magnet Titles Which Boost CTR
  •  Make Readers stick to the end of the post
  • Reviving the Lost Art of On-Page SEO
  • Target 100s of Keywords in an article naturally
  • Stuffing Share Triggers to explode social shares


  • Content that Attracts Links
  • Experts’ RoundUp Formula.
  • Establish yourself as a PRO
  • Deep Broken Link Building
  • Building PBNs that work

Why Did I start ProDominator?

I had never planned to teach my skills and sharing my experiences anywhere so openly like I’m doing on ProDominator today. While I was playing around in this industry for around 5 years, I encountered many questions from newbies related to blogging. Initially, I was happy to help the people with their queries, but gradually, I observed that I was being asked a set of questions back to back by all the wannabe affiliates and bloggers.

Answering each and every query repeatedly invited boredom. I started providing paid training last year, but again, I encountered instances when some genuinely hard working people couldn’t afford to pay for the coaching. Hence, ProDominator came into existence.

Why become a ProDominator?

Are you ready to kick off for your first soon-to-be-successful blog? I’ve failed with more blogs than you’d have created. You know, the internet is littered with outdated and fake information floating around in the SERPs which leaves new bloggers baffled against what works and what doesn’t. Here on ProDominator, I’ll share each of them.

I’m a cent percent sure that you’ll learn something new here. The whole blogroll can prove to be a goldmine for both new and experienced bloggers. All guides I write here are 100% actionable strategies. No BS.